Australian Certified Automotive Recycler



The Auto Recyclers Association of Australia Limited (ARAA) was formed in July, 2010 as a national organisation to represent all auto recycling industry businesses across all States and Territories. Its provides auto recyclers with industry representation independent of other motor trades sectors.

An independent association (APRAA) had previously covered the industry but it merged with the multi-sector motor trades association (MTAA) in 2006. As a consequence the MTAA took over the operation of APRAA. Soon after, disputes between MTAs led to a number of State associations resigning their membership of MTAA. The auto recycling industry no longer had national coverage. APRAA could not offer the industry a national voice.

ARAA remains national in its structure and approach to industry issues. It is 100% focused on the automotive recycling industry. Its objective is to work on behalf of all auto recyclers, supporting and promoting the legitimate industry and ensuring auto recyclers are recognised by the broader community for the vital role they play in our society.


Auto Recyclers Association of Australia objects include:

  1. Promoting the adoption of environmentally sound management practices relating to end of life vehicles by automotive recycling businesses both within Australia and overseas;
  2. Promoting the adoption of an automotive recycling industry code of practice, accreditation or certification program (however named) that defines standards of excellence in automotive recycling business performance and product supply, and that supports and encourages business operators to adopt such standards within their business;
  3. Promoting ethical practices within the automotive recycling industry, including in particular the implementation of stock accountability and traceability by all automotive recyclers;
  4. Promoting the adoption within Australia of laws and statutes relating to the recycling of motor vehicles that are conducive to ensuring the maximum number of recycled vehicles are processed through duly qualified and accredited recycling business with the objective of providing the greatest possible benefit to the Australian environment;
  5. Promoting industry training in the management and operation of automotive recycling businesses;
  6. Promoting shows, exhibitions and seminars that promote best practices and the adoption of new technologies and processes to automotive recycling businesses in Australia and overseas.

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