Australian Certified Automotive Recycler

Police Investigation into Car Theft & Export – May 2021

ARAA is supporting and assisting the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) and Victoria Police in undertaking a review of the Structure and Operations of the Auto Recycling and Scrap Metal Sectors in Australia.

The NMVTRC is also working with New South Wales Police to extend this investigation into NSW.

These investigations are linked to a wider investigation of processing and export of stolen motor vehicles – as whole vehicles or parts.

ARAA has brought together persons who have great experience in the Auto Recycling industry to provide a source of expert advice on—

  • How the peak (licensed) auto recycling and scrap metal sectors are structured and operate;
  • The logistics chain of the recycled auto parts export trade, including destination markets and the role of freight forwarders;
  • The incidence of non-licensed, or non-regulated activity (i.e. that activity that appears to operate without any regulatory overview);

Whilst the NMVTRC is focused on understanding processes associated with the export of stolen motor vehicles, the information gained on how unregulated businesses are operating will be of great value in helping to clean up our industry.

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