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Unlicensed Yards – May 2021

The biggest issue facing legitimate auto recycling businesses is the impact of unlicensed, unregulated operators. There are many unprofessional, non-compliant “back-yarder” operators who use flashy websites and paid Google adverts to attract unwary consumers to deal with them. They make it look like they are credible auto recyclers – but they are not. These operators …

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Business Insurance – May 2021

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN LOOKING AT AN INDUSTRY INSURANCE OPTION, PLEASE REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE We have been advised that Allianz, CGU & QBE have officially withdrawn from offering insurance renewal to the Auto Recycling sector. The withdrawal of Insurance Companies from the Auto Recycling Industry in Australia can be largely attributed to …

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EPA Vic Requirements of Auto Recyclers – May 2021

New Environmental Laws will come into operation in Victoria in July 2021. These Laws will have a significant impact on many auto recycling businesses. Whilst the immediate effect will be felt in Victoria, they are based “Risk Management” principles that is likely to influence environmental regulation in other States. Under the legislation, by-products from the …

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Police Investigation into Car Theft & Export – May 2021

ARAA is supporting and assisting the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) and Victoria Police in undertaking a review of the Structure and Operations of the Auto Recycling and Scrap Metal Sectors in Australia. The NMVTRC is also working with New South Wales Police to extend this investigation into NSW. These investigations are linked …

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