Australian Certified Automotive Recycler

EPA Vic Requirements of Auto Recyclers – May 2021

New Environmental Laws will come into operation in Victoria in July 2021.

These Laws will have a significant impact on many auto recycling businesses. Whilst the immediate effect will be felt in Victoria, they are based “Risk Management” principles that is likely to influence environmental regulation in other States.

Under the legislation, by-products from the dismantling or crushing of a vehicle such as Petrol, Diesel and Oil have been deemed “Reportable Priority Waste”.

According to the EPA, “Under the new laws, anyone who handles Reportable Priority Waste must let EPA know every time it changes hands.”

Previously, it was permissible, and subsequently commonplace, for the Transporter and/or Receiver of Waste to complete a Waste Transport Certificate on behalf of the Recycler.

Under the new legislation, the Producer of the Waste (the Recycler) must create a Waste Record prior to the collection of waste.

Through this system, Recyclers are required to record details such as Waste Origin, Amount of Waste, Dispatch (Collection) Date, Potential Waste Contaminants, and the Transporter & Receiver of the Waste.

The process of notifying the EPA will then be completed through the EPA’s Waste Tracker Portal.

This process represents a centralisation of data collection relating to auto recycling operators and potentially gives the EPA more immediate information on the operation of such businesses.

ARAA will be working with Certified business to assist and support them in their compliance with these Laws.